ProBloggers Methods to Create Backlinks

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ProBlogger Methods to Create Backlinks

ProBloggers Method to Create Backlinks

All of you know that link building is very helpful for our blog and we can increase lot of traffic with it. Many of bloggers do the same thing I will show you today. Create Backlinks Same as ProBloggers the topic is quite rare but many blogger know about it but didn’t with us. It is very easy methods to create backlinks with many sites and some beginners or bloggers do that only. They search on Google “Create Backlinks for Free” and after that you can see many results of it. They create backlinks from that sites but that backlinks can penalize your blog or can affect other things on your blog. So now I will tell you how to create backlinks to your website.

What are Backlinks

Backlinks are the relationship between pages on the Internet, allowing users to navigate from point given Internet page you’re on in your browser. Many people may think of this as the ‘Links’ instead of ‘backlinks’ and this is true – but to describe the links “back links” are the web page or document, and the “Links” usually refers to the outgoing links on the page itself. Now starts the Methods to Create Backlink to how to build backlinks.

Create Backlinks Same as ProBloggers

  1. So first of all go to
  2. Then type the blog link ( Add the link of that blog you have to find backlinks )ProBloggers Method to Create Backlinks1
  3. Now Click on Analyze backlinks button.
  4. Then you will get many types of boxes like- Total Active Backlinks,Unique Active Backlinks,etc.ProBloggers Method to Create Backlinks
  5. Now Scroll Down and You will see many of blog links.ProBloggers Method to Create Backlinks
  6. Here you can see that where Harsh Agrawal commented to get more backlinks and Traffic.
  7. Now go through these sites and create backlinks and get more traffic to your blog.

If you have any problem during these steps you can see the video or comment on our blog.

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