Increase Your Blog Traffic By 1000%

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Increase Your Blog Traffic By 1000%

Increase Your Blog Traffic

All of you know that traffic is the most important thing of your blog and all bloggers want to Increase their Blog Traffic and If your blog will not get traffic then you can’t earn profit and your blog will not rank higher in Blogging. Many of Bloggers leave blogging because of low traffic on their blogs so to help themselves. Never thing that you are alone we are with you and we will help you as a friend.

Now come on main point Traffic. Increase Your Blog Traffic is no much easy. Many of Bloggers share more and more articles on Social Media and they get traffic on their blog. But have you ever think that the article you share on social media is good or bad. It is Bad because when you share your article in any Facebook group then the Article will be in your circle only not publicly. So I Suggest to use Google+ for sharing articles. Only Google+ traffic is useful.

Increase Your Blog Traffic

Setting Up blog is much easier than maintaining regularly, Increase your blog traffic and make your readers more happy with new techniques. Now below I will show you how to increase your blog traffic by 1000%.

Make a Twitter Network

I Think all of you already know that Twitter is the 3rd Largest Social Networking Site. Many Indians not using it. Facebook gives a lot of traffic on your blog and twitter also give a hug amount of traffic on your blog but you have to set it up properly and follow popular persons there. More Followers can give more traffic to your blog. After creating higher followers community you can be popular and get lot of traffic from Twitter that day you will quite using Facebook.

Bloggers have less time to use Facebook,Twitter,Google+ to share articles. So I Also have a Trick for them. You can use Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.

Setup Your Blog

SEO Yoast plugin is best plugin for setting up the blog and do SEO settings of your blog easier and faster. Just you have to do the settings correctly of the SEO Yoast. It’s very easy but one bad thing is that you can only use it in WordPress Platform. In Blogger you can’t add it.

Interviews of Pro Bloggers

This is the easiest method to increase traffic to your blog. Some days later is just taken the Interview with Pradeep Kumar of Slashsquare. I just given the link to Pradeep Kumar and said that your interview is live now share it. After Sharing I Got around 200 visits from only sharing on their profile.

Link your YouTube Videos With your Blog

Link your YouTube video with your blog will also get interlinked with each other and from that you can Increase your blog traffic. YouTube is the top video sharing sites. Remember to monetize your videos with your Adsense account.

Guest Posting on Popular Sites

Guest Posting not helps to increase your blog traffic only it also make a Good Profile to the other and make you popular. It Gives Lot of traffic but also gives a good personality to you. Guest Posting also gives you a dofollow link to your blog. Do Guest Posting more on USA Blogs to increase your earnings easily.


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