How to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

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Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

 Increase Alexa Rank

To increase Alexa Rank of your blog you have to do some simple and major things first I will tell you about Alexa and then will share some tips that how to increase alexa rank quickly. Our Blog is new so our blog Rank is 0. Many of Blogger says that getting alexa rank is hard to do but i don’t think so you can view the results on our blog in future. First of all to get Alexa Rank faster and easier for your blog then you have to Verify Your Site in After Doing this you and your readers can view about Traffic Stats, Backlinks Counter and More.

Increase Alexa Rank

To Increasing Alexa Rank quickly for you blog you have to do some major things. If Your Visitors having Alexa Toolbar then Browser then Automatically Alexa Rank Will increase alexa ranking faster. Always Make Quality Backlinks from Which You can improve alexa ranking and Traffic. The Main thing is If Your Blog/Site Visitors having Alexa Toolbar then Your Blog/Site Rank Will Increase faster. Now I Will Show You Some Major Methods You have to Do to how to increase alexa rank.

  • Install Alexa Toolbar
  • Add Alexa Widget
  • Regularly Update Your Blog
  • Do Commenting
  • Share Your Articles on Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and More.
  • Write Quality Content

and More

Claim Your Site

Claim of your site shows that you are the main admin of your site. And I have seen that many people claim their site but do not full about information and don’t remember to select the country. If you don’t select the country then your site will never get Rank According to their Country.


The Secret Behind this is To Get Traffic from Bloggers this will help you increase your alexa rank more fastly and Never Try any Script or any Other Trick for Increase Alexa Rank on Your Blog. But You Can Install Alexa Toolbar to Increase Alexa Rank. If you have any problem while how to improve alexa ranking you can comment below.


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